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Motion Graphics Client Project by skreept

Motion Graphics

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Inversk began dedicated to the mission of raising a generation of young entrepreneurs who think differently

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Body Art Client Project by TINTEDhuman

One of the projects I worked on in 2017 for a client

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Calendar Design Client Project by okola_17

This is part of my design work

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Truck Branding Client Project by okola_17

Vehicle branding done for a client

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Past Campaigns Client Project by nicole_20

I have had the privilege of working with some of the amazing brands and people in the industry.

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The annual event dubbed 'Tukutane Mombasa' showcases art, history and culture.

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We had the privilege to document a wedding of an amazing couple from Rwanda.

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“Every bride is beautiful. It’s like new born babies or puppies. They can’t help it.”- Emme Rollins

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My Portfolio Client Project by afrik_8

This is a combined portfolio of various works I have done over the past few months.

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African Beauty Client Project by afrik_8

Fashion Photography

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Cyclist Client Project by afrik_8

Photography Advertising Digital Photography

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Clients are always looking to have the best shots that make their lives memorable.I give that to them.

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You all know Bridget,I always strive to get the best shots for her personal brand.

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This is an advertisement for a fictional sports drink

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Advertising Page layout Corporate identity Publication design Stationery items Promotional items Branding

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Tshirt Design Client Project by okola_17

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Fashion Photography Advertising

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