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Other Projects by Samuel_gitonga_15

Projects similar to this

Ostrich Art. by Mary_Joshua
This is a piece of art I did on a canvas for a client with a taste of nature.
This is a painting I did on behalf of a client who wanted illustration paintings for his house.
BMW sketches by earnest_kariuri_11
This is a couple of sketches I did to figure out if I have mastered the art of product sketching.
Portraits. by wilson_omullo_10
These are portraits done for some of my clients.
Client Portraits. by wilson_omullo_10
Presenting clients their portraits that they commissioned me to do.
Modern Art. by wilson_omullo_10
DaVinci's work redone.
Photo shoot by joy_kibuga_16
A simple day look I did for a client who enjoys subtle makeup and this was her before and after look.
Artwork by samuel_mwinga_7
This is some amazing artwork I did for some clients sometime back.