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I am a Kenyan photographer residing in Nairobi, Kenya, specialising in landscape and travel photography. I aim ...   to travel more in pursuit of expanses within and without the country, encouraging and inspiring people to explore for themselves and appreciate creation around them. I have also received local recognition via radio and newspaper, both physical and online. I was exposed to the great outdoors at the very tender age of 7, travelling and camping at different locales country-wide, and I trust this is where my drive for exploration came from. I have my mother to thank for this. With a thirst for adventure, passion for nature and a unique creative vision, I have a knack for pulling off crazy ideas. I recently swam in a naturally formed dam in Turkana together with the locals, rock-climbed in Hell's Gate for an aerial view of the park & spent five days hiking up the second highest summit in Africa, and one of the toughest summits globally, Mt. Kenya, twice. After summitting Mt. Kenya for the second time in September 2016, I realised I am greatly inspired by rock, mountains and snow - subjects I aim to pursue for life. I am currently on the verge of completing my undergraduate studies in preventive medicine; Public Health (Bsc. Environmental Health), at Kenyatta University. I engage in creating pictorial content for sustainable development and work that goes the mile in helping communities in society lead healthier lives through health education, health promotion and awareness creation. My work encapsulates the seasonal change that grips the Kenyan landscape throughout the year as I continuously and persistently strive to passionately story-tell through both my, domestic and international travels and photographs, with the aim of telling the world about Kenya, and Kenya about the world.


Title: Photographer
under Art Photography and Modelling
located in Nairobi, Kenya

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Title: Photography & Public Health Specialist
under Photography and Modelling
located in Nairobi, Kenya

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Institution: Kenyatta University

Course: Other
Level: undergraduate
Class of: 2018


Nairobi, Kenya


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